Starting in a literal shed back in May 2016, our goal was to develop a space in which we could educate you; our community on how to have an integrated and holistic approach to your health, fitness and overall well-being, particularly regarding individual performance and longevity.


We Believe if given the correct tools and methods, not only is everyone able to overcome their health & fitness obstacles, but maintain it throughout life.


After four years of planning, we have now opened our brand new gym in the next step to making this goal a reality.

Coach Kurt


Head Coach & Owner

- Cert III & IV in Fitness (AIF)

- Lvl 1 Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach (AWF)

- Lvl 1 & 2 Kettlebell's (FTI)

- TRX Functional Training (FTI)


Health and fitness is something I have been passionate about my whole life. After school I spent 10 years working as an auto--electrician; whilst this trade gave me so much, I knew it wasn't what I was meant to do for the rest of my life. In 2016 I finally decided to take the plunge and study.

For lack of a better word, I became obsessed. It wasn't enough to just get my certificate; the more knowledge i absorbed the more curious i got to learn & try more. I bought textbooks, watched documentaries, and listened to podcasts on subjects i didn't even know existed. I've also been lucky enough to experience a range of training styles at incredible facilities doing crossfit, yoga, boxing, meditation and even studied entry level in emmett therapy.

ShedIT began in my backyard shed, for two years i trained clients whilst still working full time and renovating a house. In 2018 I finally quit my job and moved to the sunshine coast to do personal training full time. Since then, i've been fortunate enough to meet, work with and train so many different people who have helped me develop even further into the coach I am. This time also opened my eyes to the experience available to members in commercial gyms and what I wanted to do differently.


Teaching people how to train with technique, move better, and look after their body is what i love to do, and I wanted to create a space where my members can feel comfortable and know they are surrounded by a like-minded community. My goal is to encourage my members to stay curious and passionate about their health, and provide a space for them to try new things.